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Bioreactor Analysis & Optimisation

Bioreactor Optimisation


Cell culturing (mammalian & insect cell lines)

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 Scope:  Life of moving mechanical components such as bearings and gears is dependent on the loads they are subjected to during the service. In this study contact forces between moving components of an assembly were determined using full kinematic modelling using static and dynamic loads. The findings, along with other factors influencing component life, were then used to estimate component life and select/replace/recommend components where necessary to meet the product design specification.

 Input:  Loads | Friction coefficients | Operational parameters / requirements | Material Properties

 Outputs:  Stress & Strains in Structure | Resulting Deformation | Gear life | Recommendations to for component / material replacement to meet operational requirements

 Physics: Kinematics | Solid Mechanics (Stress-Strain)