Continuum Blue

Subsea Cable

Model Generation & Stress Analysis

Cable manufacturing companies, Oil & Petroleum Industries.

Drilling, Oil & Petroleum extraction and Communication Purposes.

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A full 3D model is generated inside our in-house Cable generating software from the specification & drawings provided. Varieties of Cable structures which include Armour Cables, Woven or Braided Structure, Quad cores, fibre optics, Composite materials & other Sub-sea cable structures can be analysed. The software is integrated with COMSOL to analyse the cable for stress-strain, deformation, displacement, contacts & pressures, fatigue which includes material and thermal fatigues.


Cable Specifications | Axial & Bend Load cases to be analysed | Cable Pitch Length & Diameter|Material Properties (Temperature Dependent) 


Stress & Strain | Displacement & Deformation | Stiffness evaluation (Axial & Bend Load cases)| Plastic & Permanent Deformation on Yielding Structures| Contact Pressure & Distribution | Reaction forces & Strain Energy | Fatigue Life

 Physics: Fatigue analysis |Thermal |Solid Mechanics (Stress-Strain) |Contact & Pressure analysis