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CV Boot

Dynamic Contact Analysis

United Kingdom

Fatigue, contact and fretting analysis of different type of component made of different material (Linear Elastic or Hyper-Elastic) can be studied and product can be optimised, either based on design or material side.

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 Scope:  CV boots are rubber boots used as a CV joints cover of the drive shaft, protecting from getting expose to the surrounding (Dust particles, water and road grime) and retains the grease. Study was carried out to calculate contact pressure and fatigue life of a CV boot under operation. Study of contact stresses and fatigue life under operating conditions can help to improve and optimise product design and reduce the cost. Based on the results, a new study can be developed for either optimising design aspect or material selection or both for the given CV Joints boot.

 Input:  Loads | Friction coefficients | Operational parameters (required) | S-N Curve Data (Fatigue Analysis) | Material Properties (Stress-Strain)

 Outputs:  Contact Stress | Fatigue life | Fretting Fatigue | Stress & Strains in Structure | Resulting Deformation | Product life | Recommendations on optimising design and material selections/replacement to meet given operational conditions.

 Physics: Structural Analysis | Contact Study | Fatigue Analysis