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Electroplating & Polishing Analysis

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Corrosion analysis, cathodic protection, surface finishing (plating or etching) & electrochemical manufacturing. 

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Electo-plating, electro-polishing & electro-etching involve electrochemical processes which make use of ions in aqueous solutions or an electrolyte, and electrodes. The anode is where electro-polishing or electro-etching occur where dissolution occurs. On the cathode, electro-plating or deposition occurs. In this case study we explore the relationship between anode & cathode relative positions, connector locations & the magnitude of anode dissolution & cathode deposition & also assess when electrical breakdown (sparking or arcing) occurs.  

Corrosion analysis, cathodic protection, surface finishing (plating & etching) & electrochemical manufacturing, Continuum blue is capable of simulating & optimising a range of complex electrochemical processes.


Anode & Cathode Positions Connectors Locations  Voltage Initial Ion Concentrations


Electric Fields Current Density Ion Concentrations |Anode DissolutionCathode Deposition|ElectroplatingElectrical Breakdown & Location (Time Dependent)


Electrochemistry Electrodeposition