Continuum Blue

Laser Forming & Heat Treatment

of Metal Alloy Structures

UK based aerospace & defense company

Rapid prototyping & heat treatment of metal alloy structures using high intensity laser

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 Scope:  In this work, a high intense laser energy source is moved along a pre-defined time dependent path & used to heat & melt a metal alloy structure. The problem encountered with the current process is the development of residual stresses forming during cooling, triggering undesired permanent deformations in the structure.

 Input:  Laser Power | Light Intensity | Focal Diameter | Laser Path | Laser Speed Convection Cooling Parameters | Material Properties (Temperature Dependent)

 Outputs:  Resultant Residual Stress & Strains in Metal Alloy Structure | Resulting Deformation | Laser Settings to Minimise Residual Stresses & Permanent Deformation

 Physics: Laser Light Source | Thermal | Solid Mechanics (Stress-Strain)