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Nasal Drug Delivery System

Alchemy Healthcare Ltd (UK)

Computational Fluid Dynamics are used in very broad sector of industries from aerospace to automobile, from turbo machineries to medical applications.

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Scope:  Nasal Drug delivery system is used to disperse drug directly central nervous system, through Olfactory region. Drug particle are placed inside drug delivery device. The efficiency of the drug delivered to olfactory region located in the Nasal Cavity depends on the size, location of the particle (Pouch) inside device and time of release. Study was carried to trace the particle trajectory for different size particle and concentration of the drug particle in various regions, within the Nasal cavity to evaluate the effectiveness of the device. Based on the data collected, effectiveness of the device can be calculated for different volumes of drug storage (Pouch) with particle of various sizes and design changes are suggested to improve efficiency.

 Input:  Particle Size & Properties | Inhaling Cycle | Parametric Design (CAD Model)

 Outputs:  Particle Size Distribution | Particle Flow Trajectory | Efficiency of the system| List of Parameters effecting the efficiency of the system

 Physics: Fluid Dynamics | Particle distribution (Statistical Mathematics involved)