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Heat Exchanger

Performance / Effectiveness Study

United Kingdom

Heat Exchangers are used in almost in all the industries automobile to aero industries, from chemical plant to IT industries. Usage of an Optimised Heat Exchanger System can improve the efficiency of the system to a significant level.

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Scope:  Heat Exchanger is a device used to transfer heat efficiently, from one medium to another. Generally, efficiency depends on design a Heat Exchanger for given system. 

In this project, effectiveness and performance of the heat exchanger of an Automobile Engine casing is carried out for various lubricant and coolant flow rates conditions and to optimise the design parameters for the best flow rates for the given design to improve the effectiveness of the Heat Exchanger system.

From the post processed data collected, the best case was taken, for optimising the design parameter of the Heat Exchanger Plate of the given system.

 Input:  Lubricant & Coolant flow conditions (Temperature and Pressure) | Material Properties of the various components used in the system (Temperature Dependent) | Boundary Conditions

 Outputs:  Effectiveness/performance of HE| Heat Transfer Coefficients| Temperature distribution | Design parameter optimisation of a Heat Exchanger for the given systems.

 Physics: Thermal Analysis | Contact resistant