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Continuum Blue to sponsor COMSOL Conferences!

This year we’ll be sponsoring the COMSOL Conferences again!  COMSOL conferences are being held in several places around the world, including Cambridge (UK), Boston (USA) & Bangalore (India), to name a few places. We hope to see you there!!

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Teleconferencing & Online Support

Teleconference Services

For our teleconferencing services, please use the following telephone numbers to gain access to our teleconference services worldwide. Please have your teleconference PIN ready to join when available. The teleconference PIN, should have been provided by your teleconference organiser when the teleconference was scheduled.

UK:                   0844 846 4000            

USA:                712 432 2977            

Austria:            0820 4011 5597

Belgium:          070 35 99 65

France:             0821 230 763

Germany:         01805 010 674            

Ireland:            1890 943 037

Italy:                 848 390 123

Switzerland:     0848 560 171        


Online Meetings

Please use the link below to download & start an online meeting. Please have your meeting ID & password ready to gain access to the online meeting once available. The meeting ID & password, should have been provided by your meeting organiser when the meeting was scheduled.

Join Online Meeting (Windows)


Online Support

For online support, please use one of the links below to download & start an online support consultation. Once the online support consultation has started, please provide the ID number & password which will be displayed to the Continuum Blue support staff member (either via e-mail or over the telephone) so they may help.

Join Online Support (Windows)

Join Online Support (MacOS)