Continuum Blue


Continuum Blue provides a wide range of services, including:

  • Multiphysics Analysis
  • FEA & CFD Analysis
  • Optimisation
  • Material Selection
  • Particle Analysis
  • Particle Generation
  • Material Testing
  • Multi-Body Dynamics
  • Bespoke Analytical Services


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Continuum Blue produces micro & nanoparticles generation, predominantly for the orthopaedic implant market for pre-clinical testing on wear bearing surfaces using novel implantable materials, Continuum Blue employs two generation methods to produce micro & nanoparticles, depending on the required particle size, distribution & quantity of particles required.  

Cryogenic particle generation (ceramic, metal alloy and polymers)

Cryogenic particle generation, utilize a material’s glass transition temperature, where the material is cooled to below this temperature it becomes extremely brittle & easy to fracture. Using automated mortar techniques & mortar shot, material samples are fractured down to the required size & distribution.


  • Large particle volumes
  • Lower production costs


  • Large size distribution
  • Large variable particle morphology

Micro-fabrication (polymers only)

Micro-fabrication particle generation, utilizes specially profiled micro rasps surfaces, using micro fabrication techniques. The material sample is then cyclically worn over these micro rasps at specific rates to produce a specific particle size & morphology.


  • specific particle morphology
  • defined narrow particle size


  • Small particle volumes
  • Higher production costs