Projects completed in consumer products include:

  • Injection moulding of dual polymer products
  • Injection moulding of structural colours
  • Optical analysis & optimisation of structural colours
  • Shaving mechanics of blade systems
  • Ultrasonic baths (ultrasonic analysis of basket mesh & materials)
  • Ultrasonic sensors
  • Vaping systems analyses (including thermal effects, species evaporation & transportation, particulate flow & concentration within system & to user mouth & throat)
  • Heated tobacco systems analyses (including evaporation of species off porous structures, flow, species concentration, energy consumption of system)
  • Structural-fluid interaction of of novel user glasses (spectacles) & their effects on optical performance.
  • Safety masks (filtration & fluid flow)
  • Security tag performance & tamper proofing
  • Fluid-thermal response of novel heat sink designs for electronic components & computers
  • Electro-etching of electronic components
  • Structural analysis of chairs based on standard tests. Read more here..
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